I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You for your service. I know you may think you were just “doing your job”, but the sacrifices you have made go well above and beyond the call of duty. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that what you do is never forgotten, and though you may not like the term “Hero”, you certainly are one. Putting your life at risk for people you don’t even know, makes you a Hero to me and my family.

Thank You again, for your Service


Joe Brady and Family

I can’t begin to truly Thank You for the efforts and sacrifices you have given to our Country. From knowing other Veterans, I’ve gained a small view of the life transitions they have faced to ensure our safety, and the strains it can cause on their families. I’m not certain I ‘d be able to endure these challenges, so I have the highest level of appreciation and gratitude for all you have done!

Thank You with All my heart

Paul R

Thank You for making sacrifices that have allowed my family and I very proud to be Americans



Alex Redishe

Much appreciation and gratitude to you and your fellow service men and women for your duty and commitment to our Country. Our freedom isn’t free and I Thank You


I salute you and your service to our Country and pray for your safe return home.

Rose Berglund, Minneapolis

Thank You for helping to secure our Freedom

Gregg Berglund, Minneapolis

Dear Veteran,

There are not enough words to express the gratefulness I feel for you for your most generous service to me and this country. I pray God Blesses you in so many ways because of your sacrificial service and we (I) hope you know that America is full of people like me who really appreciate what you have done for us all. I try to remember to to pray for all our servicemen everyday. Thanks Again, Remembering your service,


Shirley Royle, Mound, MN

Thank You for making this world a safer place to live.



Words cannot express how much I appreciate your service to our Country. Because of the selfless leadership of individuals like you, I know that I can raise my three children in a safer country they can be proud of. The character and resolve of this great nation has been forged by your actions and we appreciate that so much. Thank You for all you have done and wishes for much Peace and Happiness in your life.

Chris Rasinen, Eagan, MN

Freedom isn’t Free.

Thank you for paying the price for us all.