Interview with Chaplain (Col) Steve West, Executive Director of the NAECC

Steve discusses difficult subjects regarding suicide, PTSD, and the effects they have on active and former military members and their families.

Interview with Tom Newman, Vietnam Veteran, Author and Speaker

Tom discusses the “New You”, a concept that is unique to all Service Members. He also discusses the effects of MST (Military Sexual Trauma) and the newest statistics regarding this issue.

Interview with Chaplain (Capt) Tony Duck

Tony discusses issues facing Service Members and their families during and after deployment.

Interview with Chaplain (LtCol) Bob Collins

Bob discusses the needs of Service Members and Veterans regarding the church and what we can do to assist them through this time of adapting back into home life.

Interview with Chaplain (Brig Gen) Dave Cyr

Dave discusses the various issues related to the difficult transition of coming home after a deployment.

Interview with Jerry L. Peters

Jerry is a former US Marshall and served our country in three deployments in Afghanistan. Jerry discusses PTSD and a soldier’s personal experiences related to returning home.

Interview with Chaplain (Col) Dr. John Schumacher

John discusses topics related to the reintegration of service members back into our society and the issues and struggles related to the reintegration.